Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Raising Capital for your MLM Company


January 22, 2013 | vol. 3, issue 1

Raising Capital
By Todd Tolman (Editor)

Happy New Year!

Every start-up network marketing business needs money. The more the better. So, how much do you need? Where do you start?

As an MLM Software provider, we are pleased to have aligned ourselves with industry experts with experience helping new direct sale enterprises to launch successfully. Professionals that can help you find initial financing for your new company and capital for your long term growth.

To start the year we are highlighting Terrel Transtrum of Launchsmart, a provider who has been a great asset to many of our readers.

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Innovative Strategies for Raising Capital for Your Startup MLM

This article focuses on innovative strategies for raising capital for your startup MLM.  Money is foremost in the minds of owners and entrepreneurs who start and run successful MLM companies. 
Other than acquisitions, loans, or selling part of the company, private entities have been relegated to raising money through private placements which can limit who can invest while not allowing advertisements to attract investors and capital.  Those days are fading as we enter a new era of capital.

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